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Do I Need a Chiropractor? And 7 Other FAQ of Car Accident Victims

do i need a chiropractor

Do you suffer from back pains or injury as a result of a car accident? Have you been wondering, "Do I need a chiropractor?" Or even, "Do I need a referral to see one?" Check out this informative guide for victims of car accidents. Then get started on your journey to pain relief. Car accidents can result in a damaged car, dealing with insurance companies, and worst of all, intense pain. Sometimes its difficult to manage all of these problems while you're trying to find relief and tie up loose ends. One of the questions you're asking is do I need a chiropractor and what's the process for getting one? You likely know from previous experience that doctors often need a referral before they'll see you, but you don't want to wait in pain any longer. Check out our helpful guide and learn more about what steps to take after you've been involved in a car accident. 1. What Injuries Are Most Common After an Accident? After a car accident, a variety of injuries can occur. Although modern cars offer protection through seatbelts and airbags, injuries happen regardless of how healthy or young you are. Some common injuries that typically get associated with car accidents include:


Neck pain


Broken bones

If you find yourself suffering from any of these, it's important to get help right away. The longer you're suffering, the harder it is to correct the problem. These injuries don't go away on their own, so seeing a professional is important to get the care you need. 2. Do Pain Symptoms Always Show Up Right Away? Many people assume that if they're in a car accident and aren't in pain, they're in the clear. This isn't always the case and even if you don't feel pain, it's important to go for an evaluation with a chiropractor anyway. After an accident, you could experience shock or a rush of adrenaline. This covers up the pain you'd normally experience after an accident, making you think you're safe. Even if you don't feel pain anywhere, seek medical help to make sure your body is still in alignment. This prevents an unpleasant surprise a few days later, tricking you into thinking the worst is over. 3. Do I Need a Chiropractor and How Soon Can I Go? If you're asking the question of why go to a chiropractor, it's important to know that these doctors treat the areas of your body that are most likely to suffer from a car accident. The neck, head, back, and stomach are all prone to problems after getting involved in an auto accident. It's suggested that you visit a chiropractor within 72 hours after your accident. This allows you to find out if you're experiencing other injuries that are dormant. Visiting within 72 hours is also considered a reasonable timeframe to get help, according to the majority of insurance companies. Stay safe and take a proactive approach, by seeking the help you need as soon as possible. 4. How Long Will I Need Treatment? How long you'll need treatment depends on several factors. This includes if you suffered any injuries, the extent of your injuries, and how long it typically takes a chiropractor to treat them. Some people need treatment for the rest of their lives after an accident, while others can walk away after a few sessions. Listen to your doctor and get the suggested treatments after they assess you. This can encourage recovery and help you get on the road to well-being. 5. Who Will Handle My Medical Bills? Medical bills are a common factor after dealing with an auto accident. The question is, who pays for them? If it's determined that you weren't at fault when the accident occurred, the other driver or their insurance company handles the bills. This isn't as straightforward as most people like, so it's important to document everything. To ensure the other party takes care of your medical bills, start by documenting your accident. Save everything related to your encounters with the police, your visits to the chiropractor, and any attorney visits. If the other individual doesn't have insurance, you can take them to court to have your expenses covered. In an instance like this, documentation is everything, so make sure you save all records related to your incident, no matter how far back they date. 6. Is An Attorney Necessary? When you're dealing with this experience, you're wondering if it's necessary to get the help of a qualified attorney. If you've gotten involved in an auto accident and find yourself experiencing pain and other problems complicated by the accident, hiring an attorney is a smart choice. In many cases, the other insurance company will attempt to talk you down. This is done in an effort to save money and pay out as little as possible. When this happens, it's easier to defer to an attorney and let the insurance company deal with someone who's on your side. If you're concerned about getting all your chiropractor bills paid for, consider hiring an attorney to help you with any issues you'll face from the insurance company. 7. What Can I Expect if I Go to Court? Going to court is sometimes necessary. If you've had considerable damage from the accident and had medical issues, going to court can ensure you get everything paid for. If it's determined you need to go to court, keep documentation of everything, including the accident report and medical bills. Make sure you have a qualified attorney by your side, who has experience in these types of cases. Know that insurance cases can sometimes drag on for a while. Although you'd like your case to be over quickly, know it could take longer than expected. Discover More If you've gotten into a car accident, one of the questions you're asking is do I need a chiropractor. Even if you haven't experienced any injuries, it's best to go right away, before a problem develops. If you're still not convinced on the importance of seeking a chiropractor, check out our blog on dealing with neck pain after a car accident. Allowing a professional to help you ensures you catch any problems before they become serious.


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