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Chest pain can come from a variety of different structures, the biggest concern being the heart. Because heart problems are common, it is often worth it to consider the worst possibility and take action to rule this out. If there is any doubt, seek medical evaulation.


Something as simple as acid reflux or heartburn can also cause varying degrees of chest pain that can seem like a heart attack. 


The sternum is the bone in the middle of your chest, which is the attachment for your ribs. Both the ribs and sternum are bones that are sensitive to excessive forces, sometimes from prolonged or forceful coughing or sneezing. The joints between these structures can be sprained, and the bones themselves can be fractured, producing chest

Chest Pain


pain that is worse with movement, or with pressure from touching the sore areas. 


Chest pain can also stem from problems in the back that wrap around to the front. This is also characterized by pain to touch over the involved areas.


At Axis Health we treat traumatic injuries to the chest, as well as pain in the chest that is related to structures of the back. If in doubt, don't hesitate to call and speak with one of our providers.

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