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Treat Pain with Acupuncture in Grants Pass

Yes Acupuncture is Safe and Effective for Treating Pain. Call to Find Out What Treatment is Right for you.

Acupuncture may seem a little scary, but this is truly a painless and minimally invasive treatment for all kinds of pain.

If you're skeptical about this type of holistic treatment - don't be.


We don't deal in mystical or magical medicine here. Our team is dedicated to providing effective and proven medical treatments for pain relief.


Did you know Acupuncture can treat a vast array of health concerns as well as provide preventative care for every season?

There’s a reason acupuncture has been around for more than 2,500 years and as research grows, our knowledge of how to use acupuncture effectively becomes much more understood.


If you're wondering how acupuncture might help you...

Contact us today for insight on effective treatment for any of these symptoms:


• Chronic headaches   • Sinus Pressure   • Allergies    • Anxiety    • Depression   • Osteoarthritis   
• Chronic back, neck, knee and head pain    • Hypertension    • Insomnia    • Menstrual Cramps    • Migraines   
• Morning Sickness    • Sprains

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