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Wrist and Hand Pain

Wrist Pain

The eight little carpal bones, and a multitude of ligaments, tendons, and nerves make the wrist a complicated area of the body. It combines strength with an unusually large range of motion, which can be a recipe for injuries. On top of that, the hand and wrist are often our first line of defense agains the world. Whether it is from over use

wrist pain

or injury, wrist problems are common. To complicate things further, pain from the shoulder, upper back, and neck can often affect the wrist. At Axis Health we address pain and dysfunction in this senstive region, as well as try to sort out the lifestyle issues that may be the cause.



Hand Pain

Hand pain can be local, from structures in the hand, or can come from structures higher up. It is common to experience neurological pain in the hand from compression of nerves in the wrist, or the lower neck. It is also a common area that is affected by arthritic problems, and simple overuse from daily activities. Sometimes there are damaged structures that need help. Sometimes you just need some advice on what to avoid. At Axis Health we educate you to cover all these bases.

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