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Therapeutic Exercise

Are you tired of having the same problems that go on and on, or that return even after they seem to have been fixed? So are we. Our exercise therapists offer a unique skill set for evaluating and treating the typical conditions that most of us eventually face, like shoulder, neck, and back pain.


Human bodies eventually get out of balance. Even yours. Are you right handed? Do you play golf or tennis or other one-sided activities? Have you ever twisted one of your ankels and limped 

around for a month while recovering.  Had a car accident some time ago and nothing has been the same since? The events of life often lead to muscles that are stronger on one side than the other, or shorter on the front than back. If you're luckly to live long enough,  your machinery often starts to function poorly, leading to chronic or reoccurring pain. Image if your car had one huge wheel on the front and three others that were normal size. How long could you drive it before all kinds of problems took place? Our bodies are a lot like this.


Our therapists use exercise as a tool to treat health care conditions. The body wants to return to health, so it often doesn't take long to restore optimal function. Why continue having the same problems year after year? Don't believe the lie that your problems are from age, or because of arthritis. These are labels that keep you from getting fixed. With a little effort and some skilled advice you can be better than you dreamed possible.

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