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The Top 8 Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments

There are many benefits of having chiropractic adjustments performed, especially if you're suffering from back pain. Here are the top 8 benefits:

Over 22 million Americans visit a chiropractor every year. Some of them need help following car accidents. Others are tired of living with chronic back pain. Whatever their reason for visiting, one thing is clear. They need help. But if you've never seen a practitioner before, you might wonder what benefit you'd get from chiropractic adjustments. You may think you can get by simply by taking painkillers. While that is one option, it's not necessarily the best one. So read on to discover the top 8 benefits of seeing a chiropractor for adjustments. 1) Faster Pain Relief Chiropractors focus on the mechanical movements of your spine. They can perform a series of chiropractic adjustments based on the problems causing your pain. Those adjustments can provide relief almost immediately by relieving pressure elsewhere in your body. By minimizing the pain, you can get back to your normal routine more quickly. You'll also get the peace of mind knowing a solution like chiropractic care works. You can avoid the depression and frustration that otherwise accompanies long-term pain. 2) Reduces Stress and Boosts Well-being Tied into the previous point, pain can prompt you to give up your favorite activities. It can even make it difficult for you to do your job or live your life as normal. That causes stress, which in turn can raise your blood pressure or cause other problems like insomnia or indigestion. Having trouble sleeping also interferes with your body's ability to heal. Small adjustments to your spine can bring about faster pain relief. But they also boost your overall well-being since you'll recover more quickly. For persistent problems like neck pain, adjustments can be the difference between continual stress and normal life. 3) Reactivates Motion in The Joints Joints can seize up if you don't use them correctly. They're designed for movement but our sedentary lifestyles puts extra stress on them. That can cause extra pressure on the nerves, resulting in pain. Seeing your chiropractor for chiropractic adjustments can help the muscles in the area to loosen. That eases the stiff joint and removes the pressure on the nerves. That frees you up to work on restoring the mobility in that joint. Joint pain can be a symptom of a larger problem. Your chiropractor can make adjustments based on the cause, or help you to rule out other problems. 4) Reduce Blood Pressure The common cure for high blood pressure is prescribing drugs. But in 2007, the world's hypertension expert, George Bakris, showed the amazing effect of a single chiropractic adjustment on blood pressure. This single adjustment gave the same effects as two drugs designed to lower blood pressure. The effects also lasted for over six months. Other studies of patients with low blood pressure show similar results following the intervention of a chiropractor. Drugs may not be appropriate for you based on other health factors. But seeing a chiropractor could reduce your blood pressure without you needing to take them. 5) Prevent Migraine and Headache Following on the drug-free route, chiropractic adjustments have also been shown to work for headache and migraine sufferers. Adjustments can lower the risk of attacks. They can also help lower the intensity of pain when a headache or migraine does strike. Improving alignment can even reduce the likelihood of a migraine forming in the first place. If neck pain is the root cause, seeing a specialist can help with a long-term solution. As a drug-free natural remedy, the use of adjustments can provide immediate relief unlike any other intervention. 6) Helps Heal All Traumas, Old and New If you've lived with chronic pain for some time, you might struggle to remember how you felt before your injury. Conditions like frozen shoulder leave you frustrated and anxious that you'll ever reach full strength again. But chiropractic adjustments work on injuries both old and new. Since they target structural problems in the body, you can enjoy almost instant relief. Even if the injury happened years ago. By reducing pain and restoring mobility, you can enjoy a non-invasive method for getting back to your old self more quickly. The whole practice is dedicated to helping the body to heal itself so you become more invested in your own care. 7) Improve Your Quality of Sleep Chronic pain, particularly in the back, makes it difficult to relax. It also makes it hard for you to fall asleep. That's especially if you're feeling anxious about not being able to sleep due to pain. One study examined the relationship between adjustments and sleep. A third of the participants noted an immediate change in their sleeping pattern. Those running the study couldn't definitively say adjustments helped provide better sleep. But since adjustments target those problems that can interfere with sleep, there is an argument that adjustments can help. 8) Improved Athletic Performance Many professional sports teams keep a chiropractor on their staff. Players can access their expertise whenever they need it. Adjustments can help boost the immune system and decrease muscle tension. But it targets those parts of the body most commonly affected by sports injuries, such as the lower back, neck, or shoulders. Those are areas that you too may find painful. The same adjustments that help a top NBA star will also help you. After all, they reduce inflammation, help combat pain, and remobilize your joints. They won't turn you into a celebrity quarterback overnight. But the adjustments will improve your athletic performance for the same reasons they improve that of the top athletes. Don't you want to enjoy increased motion and faster recovery times? Chiropractic Adjustments Benefit Many Areas of Life The beauty of adjustments is that they don't just affect one symptom. You might walk in with neck pain and leave finding that you have reduced inflammation elsewhere. Or you might seek help with back pain and ease your migraines. Adjustments are a non-invasive way to help boost your health and well-being without resorting to drugs. Are you now convinced of the benefits of chiropractic adjustments? Contact us today if you'd like to treat your pain, rather than live with it.


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