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The new theory of relativity

Relativity...the new physics of social interaction.

No matter how strong an individual you might think you are, life is still lived amidst a sea of other people. We are all members of a variety of different groups. Who we are is partly defined by comparison to everyone nearby. Its relativity. You might think that you're pretty good at something, but only matters relative to some standard.

When you compare the performances of a group of people in almost anything, the dreaded bell curve emerges. The majority of us fall in the middle grouping, average, and a small number land above or below the masses. This applies to everything that can be compared from artistic talent to how tall you are. Perhaps it is worth considering the value of the people in your herd in forming a backdrop for you to stand out against.

I have a close friend, Brian, who is unusually intelligent. He works in a public service job and often complains of how frustrating it is do deal with the majority of people. They aren't as smart as he is, so he ends up explaining the same things over and over again that really should be obvious. Although he would never admit it, Brian likes being the smartest guy in the crowd, but without the crowd what would he be? Alone right? It's hard to be smarter than yourself, and it doesn't help your self esteem to be just as smart as yourself. Maybe he should thank God each day for all the frustrating people that validate his intelligence. They form a backdrop against which he stands out like a bright light on a dark night.

The thought for the day? Never look down on those that are less than you. They make you look good. Never look on those that are better than you with envy. They provide you with a mountain to climb. And never forget the value of those who are close to you in the race. They keep you working hard so that you don't get run over.

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