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Living today with intention

It is a fine Friday morning. The sun has just cleared the mountains to the East. The songs of early birds are echoing back and forth through the trees. The air is cool, with a promise of warmer hours to come. Before me the day is arrayed like the view from a mountain top. I have intentions for what lies ahead, to seize this day and make it mine, to live life in each moment, enjoying every single part, whatever it may bring.

Think of the many days that have been spread out in front of so many people that current live or have lived on this Earth that we share. Right now there are 7 billion souls circling the sun together, living in this same moment in time that will never again return. Many of us will stumble forward into the day with only vague plans for the precious hours to come, and not enough respect for the priceless resource of time that we will pass through. Many will live life like a bumper car at the fairgrounds, randomly running into things, driving here and there, and ending up somewhere near their starting place when the power finally shuts off.

In the flurry of the day it is all too easy to miss life. The cares of the world that scream for my attention seem to so easily distract me from what is important. Even in the last few minutes the beautiful songs of birds outside the window have escaped me as I have reached for the words to pour out onto this page. There must be a way to absorb everything from each second that passes.

Whether you live life well today, or not, the day will continue on its course, taking with it the many lives this universe holds. On this one way ride we can enjoy the other passengers, overlook offenses, and become more that we would otherwise be...or we could miss it all, ending the day parked on a concrete pad with all the other bumper cars. I would encourage you to search your heart, and discover the things you love, the things you are passionate about. Pursue those things today, or at least make plans to do so in the near future. Consider the people in your life that are close to your heart, and find ways to cherish them. They may not be here tomorrow. Examine yourself and ask some hard questions: Am I who I really want to be? How should I change to become the person I would love to be? What can I do with today's precious hours to become better than I would be otherwise? Who will I spend my time with that matters?

The sun is a little bit higher in the sky now, and the air slightly warmer. The birds are still singing, and my dogs are eagerly awaiting their morning walk with me. I will seize this day and live it to the fullest. I will not be caught up in the foolishness of anger or bitterness. I will love the people I encounter and encourage them to the best of my abilities. I will choose my path intentionally, and make every effort to become the most I can be by the time the sun has reached the mountains on the other side of this valley. Join me today in this first of many days ahead of living with intention.

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