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Rear End Pain Conditions

Sacroiliac dysfunction

The sacroiliac joints are where the sacrum meets up with big bones of the pelvis that go all the way around the hip region. They are located just below your pants line in the back an inch or two on either side of mid line. They are always at work when you are walking, stepping up onto things, and even bending forward at the waist. These joints can become twisted, which creates a temporary change in leg length when you are lying down. This creates a cascade of joint and muscle problems in the lower back and rear end as the body tries to compensate for the change in position.

Rear end collisions

Pinched lumbar nerve root

This one can be a big deal. Pressure on a nerve root ultimately causes pain, tingling and numbness in the legs or feet. Normally this is on one side only, and affects only a narrow strip down the leg. There is almost always moderate to severe lower back pain on one side that extends down into the rear end. This is caused either by a one sided disk bulge, a bone spur, or fairly severe degenerative wear and tear. It can come on spontaneously, or from some kind of injury or strain. Normally it is treated easily with conservative care we provide at Axis Health and responds relatively quickly. If this gets out of control it becomes a surgical problem, so this isn't something to be taken lightly.

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