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Don't Just Suffer with Back, Neck and Muscle Pain...

Our Chiropractic Team Can Treat and Most Often Resolve Your Pain

Our Chiropractors


Our Leading Team of Chiropractors here in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Each of our chiropractors employs a wide variety of methods in treating joint and muscle problems, including manual manipulation, drop table, and various light force techniques.


Our chiropractors are highly skilled at effectively treating back, neck and muscle pain associated with disc problems, tendonitis, repetitive motion, TMJ and sports injuries, and each has their unique areas of additional strength from pediatrics, to internal medicine.

Ryan                              Owen                               Jim

Baker                            Martin                             Siegel

"Our goal for every patient is complete resolution of the problems that have brought them to us. If necessary we will help to maintain health through regular treatment, but our preference is the correction of injuries and the lifestyle issues that cause them so that health is maintained naturally."

Our patients' reviews support this goal with a 5 Star Rating for over 117 reviewers, click read our review below.

Don't spend weeks or months suffering with back, neck or muscle pain that our chiropractic team can fix. Call or use the form below to schedule an appointment today!

Meet the Chiropractic Team of Axis Health in Grants Pass, Oregon.

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