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Neck Pain

For many of us the stresses and strains of daily life often lead to neck stiffness and pain. These accumulate gradually, often leading to headaches. Poor posture, or activities that require prolonged looking down or up are the typical causes of this type of problem. Computer use and handheld electronic devices are also common culprits. On top of these common overuse issues, the neck is also vulnerable to a variety of injuries from sports to automobile crashes.

neck pain


Injuries to the neck can be caused by a variety of accidents that cause the head to be forcefully moved in one direction or more. This typically occurs in motor vehicle crashes as the body is in a fixed position, and the head keeps moving. These are often the most severe and persistent injuries that we see. If treated early they have the greatest likelihood of full recovery. Fortunately treatment for these injuries is covered completely by auto insurance without any cost to the patient, and without the need of referral by your primary medical provider. Don't let you claims examiner fool you into believing anything else. 

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