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Relaxation or Therapy?

Our massage therapists are experts in a variety of different techniques.  Choosing the right therapy is important in order to achieve the results you are looking for. Please consider the following descriptions, and feel free to discuss them with any of our staff.


Swedish Massage:

This age old technique uses long gliding strokes with light to medium pressure, as well as firm kneading of tight, knotted muscles. This classic type of therapy is especially great for anyone new to massage and offers relaxation with therapeutic benefits. It relieves stress, reduces muscle tension, aids detoxification and improves circulation, bringing on a deep relaxed state.


Deep Tissue Massage:

This sports massage technique combines trigger point therapy with myofascial release to relieve knots and scar tissue that cause pain and dysfunction. This is especially well suited to areas of chronic pain, and to conditions caused by old injuries or repetitive overuse.


Hot Stone Massage:

This luxurious technique combines a variety of massage techniques with the healing power of naturally heated stones. These are placed in strategic points where muscle tension has built up, and used as soothing tools to work out distressed tissue. Areas of tension will melt away under the skillful hands of our talented therapists. Hot stone therapy is a great way to improve circulation, increase metabolism and melt away stress.


Prenatal  Massage:  

This special technique is used to relieve many of the common discomforts women encounter during pregnancy, including backaches, neck stiffness, leg cramps, headaches, and swelling. The dramatic body changes during this special season are often difficult to navigate. A little help from our skilled therapists can make the journey much easier. It can even help the strained skin tissues elongate, reducing stretch marks and pain. Massage during pregnancy is a wonderful addition to prenatal care.


Face, Hand and Foot Massage:

These are often the unsung favorites of a full-body massage. We take for granted the hard work done by the musculature of these areas, and forget to take care of them properly. Imagine the forces your feet endure during even the lightest day, or the work your facial muscles experience while creating hundreds of expressions every hour. This specialized massage can improved the texture of your skin and reduce wrinkles. It can also relax overused muscles of the head and face that often lead to headaches and TMJ pain.


Cancer Massage:

This therapy can be extremely beneficial during or following cancer treatment, reducing pain, increasing circulation and improving the quality of life. It reduces stress, and encourages the tissues to detoxify, re-equipping the body to fight its way back to health. There can be peace in the midst of the storm, an oasis in the middle of the desert. Due to the severe nature of cancer conditions our clinic at times will reduce prices out of mercy to patients who are suffering from financial hardships from the extensive cost of other forms of care.


Abdominal Massage:

Abdominal massage is a noninvasive treatment for chronic constipation and other intestinal issues.  The therapist will use general gliding strokes upon the abdomin to stimulate healthy digestion and restore proper blood flow to delicate intestinal tissue.  Abdominal massage is safe for people of all ages.


Myofacial Release:

Fascia is the tissue that wraps around our muscles, blood vessels, nerves, and bones.  This structure becomes restriced and bound up due to misuse and injury.  The individual fascia form chains that are continuous from head to toe.  An example of this concept would be the therapist effectively relieving tension in the back and neck by manually stretching the fascia in the legs.

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