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Leg Pain

As with the arm, the leg can experience pain, tingling, and numbness that are from injury to parts of the leg itself, or from other structures that influence the leg. The hip, knee, and ankle are crucial joints that allow you to stand and walk. There are also many little joints in the foot that take a beating in everyday life, and somehow keep on working.
Some of the most common injuries to the body occur in the leg. Sports can damage the knee. Age can wear out the hip. Funny ways of walking can do a number on the ankles and feet.
Because of the tremendous use the joints and soft tissues of the leg 
undergo on a daily basis, imbalances in muscle strength or flexibility can have disasterous results over time, causing problems that slowly creep in.
At Axis Health we strive to determine the underlying cause of leg pain. Although this can be tricky at
 times, we have perfected procedures for evaluation and treatment of conditions that cause these problems.
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