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Jordan Schreiber, LAC

With a profound commitment to providing acupuncture treatment, Jordan has been dedicated to the well-being of his patients since 2003. His journey began at Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, CA, where he obtained his credentials. Throughout his career, Jordan has had the privilege of learning from exceptional teachers and gaining valuable experience in diverse clinical settings. He has successfully treated numerous patients, addressing a wide range of conditions, including sports injuries, pain issues, insomnia, and digestive disorders.

Jordan's ultimate goal is to empower and educate his patients, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to take control of their own well-being. By fostering a collaborative relationship, he guides them in making informed decisions that promote optimal health for their mind, body, and spirit.

Beyond his professional practice, Jordan finds immense joy in spending quality time with his family. He takes great pleasure in working on his property in the scenic Applegate Valley and fully embracing the abundance of outdoor recreational activities that Southern Oregon offers. Jordan's adventurous spirit has taken him on exciting journeys, both domestically throughout the Western United States and internationally. His passions for snowboarding, mountain biking, camping, hiking, and practicing qi gong continually fuel his thirst for exploration and personal growth.

Through his unwavering dedication to his patients' well-being, commitment to personal growth, and zest for life's adventures, Jordan embodies a holistic approach to health and happiness.

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