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James Siegel, DC, DABCI


Dr. Siegel has been in practice since 1992, he graduated from Western States University in Portland, Oregon. After several years in practice he completed his diplomate in internal medicine, expanding his treatment focus from typical chiropractic musculoskeletal problems, to a wide range of disorders from allergy issues to gastrointestinal and hormonal irregularities. He started a practice in Canyonville, Oregon in 1992 where he has been the clinic director at a multidisciplinary practice providing chiropractic and alternative natural intervention for primary health care issues. Jim has been an integral part of the Axis Health Team since 2010.

Grants Pass chiropractor


Dr. Siegel provides excellent care for typical spinal problems, but has a particular passion for treating extremity disorders such as jaw, shoulders, hips, knees and feet to help resolve pain and discomfort in those regions. He has spent his almost three decade career in Chiropractic care honing his craft to a level of complete care.

He still lives in Canyonville with his lovely wife, and daughter. He is the happy and proud father to his three children.

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