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Jacob Waltrip, LMT


Jacob is one of the newer members to join our team of massage therapists, but he is already gaining a following for clients/patients.

His goal with treatment is to facilitate the healing process of every client he encounters. His passion for massage therapy stems from his own experience with receiving medical massage after a motor vehicle accident in 2017.

Jacob blends the practice of several modalities while working with his clients. He is well versed in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and more. Jacob’s priority is to always ensure that each client he is working with will get the most out of each massage session possible in a safe and respectful environment.


When not working with his hands on clientele, Jacob enjoys to work with his hands on craft projects and sculpture during his free time.Jacob’s goals for the future involve a  continued focus on working with those who have experienced trauma or abuse to any degree - creating a space in which physical and emotional healing can be facilitated in an individual’s journey to a better overall wellbeing. 

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