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Frequently Asked Questions

What costs are involved in getting treated at Axis Health?

We strive to make all of the types of therapy we provide affordable. The initial examination by each of our providers is comprehensive, so it takes longer than regular treatment visits and the cost is a little higher. We bill a large variety of different types of insurance, but even if you're not insured, cash prices are easily within reach for most people. We have insurance staff to verify your coverage before you schedule an appointment if you desire.


Do I have to be referred in by my primary health care provider?

No referral is necessary for treatment at Axis Health under almost all circumstances, although some insurance plans may require referral in order for complete coverage.


Do I have to disrobe in order to be treated?

With the exception of massage therapy it is unusual for us to have you remove any clothing in order to be treated. Even with massage, you can decide on what you are comfortable with and your massage therapist will be accommodating. It is easier and more effective to work directly on the skin surface, but fairly thorough massage can even be done through normal clothing. Ultrasound and laser therapy must be performed directly on skin, so depending on what area is being treated these therapies may require you to remove some clothing. We make every attempt to maintain your modesty using gowns and various forms of towel or blanket draping where necessary. 

I've heard that once you get treated by a chiropractor you have to keep getting treated?

If we can fix you completely with chiropractic care we will. Often the lifestyle issues that caused your problem in the first place are still present in your life. If they aren't corrected, then it is likely that at some point in the future the same problem will reoccur. Injuries that have been present for a long time can be difficult to correct fully, and sometimes just have to be maintained periodically. In cases where some kind of regular care is warranted, we try to stretch out the need for treatment as far as possible by helping you modify activities that are hard on you, and teaching home treatment techniques.


Why are additional therapies often performed on a chiropractic visit?

With most joint problems there is associated muscle spasm that acts as a protective mechanism for the injured areas. Therapies such as heat, massage, electric stimulation, ultrasound and laser are often used to relax muscle and make tissues more pliable. This not only makes the involved joints easier to adjust, but it makes it more likely that you will stay fixed afterwards, reducing pain more rapidly and often shortening the duration of treatment.


Does it hurt to get adjusted by a chiropractor?

We always try to do everything as comfortably as possible. Our methods are gentle, and most of the time the worst you will ever feel is pressure. This depends to some extent on how much pain you are in to start with, but even the most severe conditions are not that uncomfortable to treat.

What is exercise therapy for?

Many problems with joints and muscles are caused by imbalances in the way your body functions. If muscles are stronger on one side of a joint than the other, or lacking in normal flexibility in certain directions, problems occur and pain develops. This often occurs gradually without any particular injury, eventually leading to muscle spasm and joint problems. To correct this type of problem requires identifying the imbalances, and correcting them. This is often done as a home exercise program that is supervised with intermittent in-office check-ups by an Exercise Therapist. 

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