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Elbow Pain Conditions

Tennis elbow

This is a form of tendonitis that is an overuse injury affecting the outside of the elbow and the area of the forearm just past it. This can come on from a traumatic injury, but most of the time a person has no idea where it came from. It hurts with motions of the wrist and fingers, like with opening doors, shaking hands, or twisting open the lid of a jar. When it is bad enough this can be debilitating and prevent normal activities. Tennis elbow is tricky to get rid of as it's hard to rest the arm and hand long enough to recover. At Axis Health we use protective supports, corrective exercise, therapies like massage, ultrasound, and electric stimulation to subdue this and help you get your life back.

Little League Elbow

This is the same as tennis elbow but is located on the inside of the elbow and forearm rather than the outside. It is another common over use injury that creeps up on you slowly over time, often becoming a constant, chronic problem. This is not a serious condition, but can be seriously difficult to get rid of without help.

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