Counseling? Seriously? Me?

Wouldn't it be great to have the perfect life? Our families could equip us to handle things well and circumstances could be kind and gentle. Our jobs could be challenging and fulfilling and our lives could be full of meaningful relationships. Unfortunately most of us didn't grow up in Mayberry or Pleasantville, and storms do come eventually. Does that mean you have to sink alone without help? Not a chance.

The professional counseling available at Axis Health can help you navigate the troubled waters, assisting you to find invaluable tools to maintain successful relationships and resolve challenges and conflicts.

How did I get here?
The people we share our lives with offer some of our greatest rewards, as well as our deepest frustrations and sorrows. We all tend to think that we can sort out these complications on our own in spite of our previous track record. Maybe it will be different next time? Maybe we just need a few helpful ideas from the lives of our favorite if they have anything figured out. On the other hand, few successful athletes have gotten very far without a coach, and the most brilliant people had a variety of influential teachers.  Cognitive Therapy doesn't drag up the problems of the past, it deals with your thoughts and emotions of the present day.  Having someone provide an unbiased outside perspective on your circumstances can be infinitely helpful. 



Can I afford this?
The time and cost of meeting with an expert could be crucial to you and your loved one's continued physical and mental health.  Don't wait until life becomes too much to bear; be proactive and invest in your well-being.  Resolve some of life's most devastating problems like divorce, financial turmoil, and rejection by improving upon yourself with the help of our trusted health care providers.  Everyone could use a confidant who is understanding and compassionate to help deal with the hardships of life.


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