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Janelle Nicholson, LMT

Janelle is a Southern Oregon native which has helped to shape her love of nature. She has had experience in medical offices for years and started working with us as a Chiropractic Assistant while she was going through the massage therapy program. She has been with our office since 2017 and received her massage license in 2018. Her year of working with the doctors and training under them has helped her to become an excellent massage therapist in a short period of time.

She has a propensity for massage work that is focused on aiding in healing. She has a great ability of using deep tissue, myofascial & pin/stretch techniques. She has worked in depth


with Dr. Shaw to develop these techniques.

Her interests include traveling and seeing the beauties of the world, music, yoga and nature. She is a very family oriented, and a proud mother of three. She aspires to have a homestead, and hopefully live off the grid.

She is excited to work with you toward recovery!

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