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Scott Northrup, D.C.

The first experience of chiropractic for Dr. Northrup was working for a veterinarian in western New York who was the pioneer in spinal manipulation for equine. As a biology major and then later graduate of Alfred University 1986. He knew chiropractic was an effective treatment for achieving optimum health and performance.

He attended and graduated from Northwest College of Chiropractic and now Health Science University in Minneapolis, Minnesota 1993.

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Being the widest scope of practice in the United States,, Dr. Northrup moved to eastern Oregon as an associate at four clinics with Dr. Willard Bertrand, an established wide scope chiropractor. With that experience Dr. Northrup purchased a practice from a chiropractic/naturopath Ed Samuel in Brookings in 1994. He continued the practice and education by completing a post doctorate degree of chiropractic differential diagnosis and internal disorders.

Later returning to western New York in 2002 to his veterinarian friend and mentor opened the healing potential further to include the treatment of dogs and horses. In 2007 he received his maters Reiki degree. Since he has continued his all encompassing approach to improving the health potential and improving the quality of life when has the privilege to.

He is a proud father to his two adult children, a son and a daughter. Dr. Northrup and his wife are a preforming duet sharing the passion of music and also the love of the outdoors.

We are excited to have him as a part of our team here at Axis Heath!

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