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Regina O'Brien, LMT

Regina has had a past checked with many different professions that include dog training, being a biologist of the Forrest Service, working as a telephone operator for the speech and hearing impaired, working as a courier for a small construction company and being a compliance specialist for a herbal supplement company. She is currently a massage therapist that Axis Health is lucky to have working with us.


She was originally trained in massage therapy in New Mexico back in 1998, and subsequently started her massage practice of ten years, and concurrently taught massage for five years. Her massage tends towards specific focused work using a wide variety of modalities: deep tissue, trigger point therapy, cranial sacral, energy work, chair massage, polarity, prenatal, stretching and sports massage. She doesn’t believe “no pain, no gain” is the best way to achieve desired results, because pain causes muscles to contract and tighten, which is the opposite result that we want to achieve through massage. She will go to the “wall” of pain and just stop short of it, where patients and clients alike can still relax into the pressure. This will cause a release in the tissue to be achieve faster without as much soreness.

Her interests outside of massage therapy are ethnobotany, hiking, llama packing, primitive living skills, reading and writing, wildcrafting and researching odd topics like where does the saying “Happy as a clam” come from?

She is looking forward to working with you!

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