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Andy Whitman, LMT
& Exercise Therapist

Andy works as both a massage therapist and as an exercise therapist. To find out if you will benefit from exercise therapy you can ask yourself. Are you tired of having the same problems that go on and on, or that return even after they seem to have been fixed? So are we. Our exercise therapist offers unique skills for evaluating and treating the typical conditions that most of us eventually face, like shoulder, neck, and back pain.

Human bodies do get out of balance. Even yours. Are you right-handed? Do you play golf or tennis or other one-sided activities? Have you ever twisted one of your ankles and limped around while recovering? Do you sit at a computer,


on the phone, or drive long distances?  The events of life often lead to muscles that are stronger on one side than the other, or shorter on the front than the back. If you're lucky to live long enough, your machinery often starts to function poorly, leading to chronic or reoccurring pain.

Imagine if your car had one huge wheel on the front and three others that were normal size. How long could you drive it before all kinds of problems took place? Our bodies are a lot like this.

Our Specialist Andy uses exercise as a tool to treat health care conditions. The body wants to return to health, so it often doesn't take long to restore optimal function. Why continue having the same problems year after year? Don't believe the lie that your problems are from age or because of arthritis. These are labels that keep you from getting fixed. With a little effort and some skilled advice you can be better than you ever dreamed possible.

As a massage therapist Andy brings more to the table than just a set of experienced hands. His forte is sorting through the complications of the human body and solving the puzzle of what causes you to develop areas of dysfunction. He likes to use a variety of techniques mixed together in an individual session in order to work around the unique problems that may be present in a client. This might involve contract-relax therapy, trigger point therapy, active release techniques, as well as deep tissue massage with positional release. Andy was led into the profession because of injuries he suffered at a young age that were corrected through skilled massage therapy. As a result, he has poured himself into this field with compassion and intuition as well as an intelligent systematic approach. In order to provide the best advantage from the work he does, Andy often gives instructions in lifestyle modification and home exercises.

Andy is an old soul who has done more than would normally have possible. He has traveled the world extensively, finding the love of his life in Belize where he saved her life scuba diving. He is an avid motorcycle rider, having retired from the racing community still in one piece. He enjoys making wine in his spare time, and is involved in a variety of outdoor exercise activities. He has done a variety of different volunteer relief work projects both locally and abroad.

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