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Ankle and Foot Problems

Ankle Pain

The ankle is a fairly simple joint and patients respond well to the typical ankle adjustment. In our office the adjustment is something like pulling on your foot in a specific way to get the ankle joint to move. The relief can be immediate.

However, this is not a treatment for a sprained ankle, when ligaments are already stretched and torn. During the initial examination, we'll determine if your ankle pain is due to a sprain or a tear. Typically we wouldn't adjust a new injury.


Foot Problems

Foot pain is another story all together. The foot has a lot of little joints and can go back out of alignment as soon as you start walking on it again, due to the increased pressure from your body weight. Since the joints are small, they can shift back out of place easily.

While a nerve irritation or compression in your low back can lead to foot pain, this is most often not the case. We can help you assess if our office is the right place for you and determine which modality will serve you best.

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